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14 years old.
46% ABV
Yellow gold.
Light candle wax, with some sugar. A faint floral fragrance. Wax comes up with water - scented candle wax. Dried flowers on a beach. Later, brown sugar.
Firm, light to medium.
Pleasant mouthfeel, not as waxy as …

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Pappy Van Winkle 20yr VS. Pappy Van Winkle 23yr

   It is not often that I am left speechless....enough said!


This is the only 23 year old Kentucky Bourbon sold in the country today. There are only 3,000 bottles of this very rare 23 year old bourbon. It takes generations of distilling know-how to produce a rare, we…

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Rowan's Creek 12yr

"Rowan’s Creek is stored in charred oak barrels. It is hand bottled at 50.05% alc./vol. (100.1 proof).
Rowan’s Creek is made and bottled by hand, in small lots, one batch at a time.
This Bourbon takes its namesake from the creek that still runs through our distillery. Back in the late 1700’s when …

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Wild Turkey 101pr

Bandit Review: Review:
Wild Turkey 101??? has an exceptionally soft, but rich aroma for a high proof bourbon, due to quality at all stages of its production. The taste is an American classic with caramel and vanilla and notes of honey and oranges. The finish is very long, rich an…

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Rip Van Winkle 10yr 90pr Vs. Rip Van Winkle 12yr 107pr

Flor De Cana

     Although I'm not a huge fan of Silver rums, I have to say for the price point, this rum is a steal. Since the liquor laws are so rigid in California it is hard to get any real "support" from your vendors, so why sell their product if it's not the best product you…

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Never Rush Perfection! How To Pour A Pint of Guinness..

Why don't people understand that a Guinness needs to be poured in a two stage process? You need to let it settle in order to enjoy the beverage with a good head on it, one that follows you through the entire pint! The Head should leave rings down the side of your pint glass. Don't argue w…

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Pernicious Barflies

    " I’ve been in the restaurant/bar industry for years. And I’m a grown up. So I understand the bare bones and economics of serving people. We provide food and libations to hungry and thirsty patrons, who chose our joint over some other joint. Good service people, bartenders …

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Gripes From the Servers: 10 Things I Hate About You....Sacmag

Found this and thought we could all relate!

"Gripes From the Servers: 10 Things I Hate About You

Ever wondered what your waiter, bartender, busser or chef really thinks about you? We asked several local restaurant pros to tell the truth—strictly anonymously, of course—about the kinds of customers who …

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Your speaking Japanese I want to talk Scotch!

    This whiskey is just fun because its Japanese whiskey acting like a Scotch. If you were to close your eyes when drinking this whiskey, images of Scotland would surely work their way into your mind. There is a light air of peat in this whiskey, just a subtle smokiness that I find really enjoyabl…

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   Why do girls travel in packs when it comes to the bar scene? As men, we have all experienced the impossible unforgiving friend, a.k.a. the “gatekeeper”. This is the friend that we all love so well. Where is this over protective and snappy friend at the witching hour?

Why is it that when we…

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A few Basic Facts. Whisky...or whiskey?

Here goes a few basic facts taken from a web site To get us started.  For more information please go to.

There are two legitimate spellings of whisky. One is ‘whisky’ - as spelled by Scotts and Canadians and the second is ‘whiskey’ …

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Basil Hayden's 8yr
Buffalo Trace
Eagle Rare
Eagle Rare 17yr
Four Roses
George T' Stagg
Jim Beam
Jim Beam Black
Johnny Drum 101pr
Knob Creek 9yr
Maker's Mark
Michter's US 1
Noah's Mill
Old Bardstown Estate
Pappy Van Winkle 15yr
Pappy Van Winkle 20yr
Pappy Van Wi…

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